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First Blencowe to come ashore in the region

John Blencowe 1798-1887

John a wheelwright from Brackley, Northants, arrived on 17 Feb 1831 with his family in what is now Stanley Tasmania .


A painting by John Glover who arrived in Tasmania in the same year as John Blencowe . Click on image to go the NSW Art gallery for more info.


On arrival John and wife Mary Drinkwater  were accompanied by 3 children , George (1824-1907), Thomasine (1827-1909) and John (1830  - 1898) all born in Brackley.  

In Tasmania three  more were born with Selinda possibly being the first Blencowe birth registered on Australian soil in 1833.  The three children  Selinda (1833-1908), Thomas (1835-1846) & Robert (1837-1913)  were all born at Circular Head, Tasmania and registered at Launceston.

John Blencowe and family moved to Adelaide, South Australia in March 1838 .  After arrival in South Australia Francis (1841-1864) was born in Adelaide and Mary Ann (1847-1932) in Little Parra, South Australia.

Anne Burton


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