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Blencowes in World War 1

How to follow The Blencowes WW1 on Twitter

If you have never used or thought about Twitter and if you are interested in this subject I encourage members to join and follow @ Blencowes WW1.  Apart from my Tweets there are more photos and stories about WW1 that any other single medium right now.


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Exclusive to BFA members is access to in depth research for selected Blencowes from WW1. Just sign in and go to Featured Blencowes

Approximately 311 Blencowe’s served in the war and over the next 4 years we will remember them for their courage and sacrifice. I am busy documenting all of these Blencowes and hope in the forthcoming year to publish those findings to the BFA membership for a modest fee.

The focus of my research has been the family and the war experiences of those Blencowe’s.

Meanwhile I’m publishing news, points of interest and information in three places.

  1. This website.
  2. The Blencowes WW1 On Twitter. Go to to follow the latest news about the Blencowes in WW1 project.
  3. Blencowe Blog page see directly below .

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